Terms and Conditions

Booking your Place
Fill in the Booking Form with all the necessary details, sign it and return to JCamps (which is a trading name of a UK registered company hereinafter referred to as JCamps) with your Deposit of 500 Sterling pounds or equivalent currency which is to be made by Bank Transfer as specified on the application form. This Deposit reserves the Student's place.

The Student's holiday will be confirmed on receipt of an Application Form and deposit. Please note that the payment of the deposit is regarded as your acceptance of our Terms & Conditions and the deposit is non-refundable.

Payment of Fees
The full Camp fee, for which an invoice will be submitted, must be paid by 31st May. Failure to pay in time may result in the loss of your reservation and the loss of your Deposit. Payment should be made by Bank Transfer and please note that all bank charges must be paid by you.

Conditions of Enrolment
1. The Deposit must be received before JCamps are able to reserve a place.

2. All fees must be paid in advance of arrival.

3. Cancellations for what ever reason must be made in writing and incur the following charges:
More than 56 days before camp starts: loss of deposit only
56-29 days: 40% of the total holiday price
28-15 days: 70% of the total holiday price
14-1 day: 100% of the total holiday price

In all cases a £50.00 or equivalent administration fee will be applied

Cancellation costs may under certain conditions be reclaimed from your Holiday Insurance.

Refunds cannot be given for early departure from camp.

4. JCamps reserves the right to alter the programme as may become necessary. In the unlikely event of our having to cancel the holiday, clients will be notified and will receive a full refund of any camp fees paid. When monies are refunded our liability shall wholly cease.

5. JCamps reserve the right to exclude or refuse any person at any time, prior to and during the holiday if, in the opinion of JCamps a student is incompatible with the general well-being of the camp or in the event of drug or alcohol abuse. Any additional costs involved, including transportation home, will be at the parents expense, and no refund of the holiday costs will be given.

6. In the event that the Student becomes ill, injured or incapacitated during the camp,JCamps may take such action as it thinks necessary including securing medical treatment at your expense and transport home at your expense.

7. We cannot accept any responsibility for loss of the Student's personal property. Full insurance cover, including medical and accident cover, is compulsory and this must be taken out before arrival.

8. Participation in any sport or activity is done so at the Student's own risk. See Waiver below.

9. The Student is expected at all times to exercise all necessary care and caution having regard to the nature of the pursuit or activity, its circumstances, the terrain, location, climate, co-participants or other circumstances.

10. The Student must not leave the Camp or Camp activity without permission. JCamps, its Director or Staff cannot be responsible for any consequence,liability and or costs for so doing.

11. In the event of damage to any of the facilities used by the students, if the particular student cannot be identified we reserve the right to levy all participants for an appropriate sum to settle the claim. If the participant is identified the responsibility will be his/hers family.

12. The Parent/Guardian will indemnify JCamps against any liability to the Student or any Third Party arising in consequence of a breach by the student of any of these Terms & Conditions

13. Permission is hereby granted for JCamps to use any digital, photographic, or likenesses of Students taken or produced at the Camp, documenting Students in Camp activities; statements and names and contact details of Students and their parents may be used for promotional purposes, testimonial and in other Camp related matters both now and in the future.

14. Payment of your Deposit is regarded as your acceptance of the Terms & Conditions of JCamps.

15. Jurisdiction of this Contract shall be subject to English Law and under the sole jurisdiction of the English Courts.

Waiver & Limitation of Liability
JCamps cannot guarantee the absolute safety of each student and is not liable for any injury, death, illness or damage whether or not resulting from:

i) Participation in any lessons, sport, or activity or use of any facility at the destinations whether due to negligence or fault on the part of JCamps, other students or third parties.

ii) cancellations of or changes in itinerary or schedules by JCamps or by suppliers of services.

iii) breakdown of any vehicle or equipment, strikes, theft or negligence of any supplier of services.

iv) negligence of any water or land carrier who supplies transportation or of others who provide related services, or for consequential, indirect or additional expenses you may incur.

v) JCamps reserve the right to withdraw or modify the camp, tours, itineraries, specific programmes, sports and or leisure activities or facilities at any time and without notice without your entitlement to compensation.

vi) JCamps do not own, manage, control or operate any hotel, resort, language school, transportation vehicle, restaurant or other supplier of services and thereby is not responsible for any act of neglect of any nature whatsoever incurred by the said hotel, language school, transportation vehicle, restaurant, or other supplier of services.

This brochure is the responsibility of JCamps. The details are published in good faith as of September 2014